Combining Algal and Plant Photosynthesis (CAPP) data

Image data of pyrenoids in Chlamydomonas and proto-pyrenoid condensates in higher plant chloroplasts.


Supporting data for Atkinson et al. (2020): 'Condensation of Rubisco into a proto-pyrenoid in higher plant chloroplasts'.


Plant phenotyping tools

iDIEL Plant software and image capture system design.


Software source code and datasets for Dobrescu et al. (2017): 'A "Do-It-Yourself" phenotyping system: measuring growth and morphology throughout the diel cycle in rosette shaped plants.'


PS-Plant software.

Installation guidance is provided in a YouTube tutorial.

Photomeric stereo training data set with annontated leaf masks.


Photomeric stereo test data set.
Supporting data for Bernotas, Scorza et al. (2019): 'A photometric stereo-based 3D imaging system using computer vision and deep learning for tracking plant growth.' Supplementary files and software protocol can be download here here, which includes a video guide for setting up PS-Plant. Additional link to the GigaScience Database:


Cyanobacteria: synthetic biology tools



The CyanoGate toolkit (Kit #1000000146)

Our CyanoGate plasmids are also available under McCormick Lab Plasmids here.

from Vasudevan et al. (2019):  'CyanoGate: A Golden Gate modular cloning suite for engineering cyanobacteria based on the plant MoClo syntax.'


from Gale et al. (2019): 'Modification of cyanobacteria by conjugation using the CyanoGate modular cloning toolkit.'







The Edinburgh Genome Foundry's Collection of Useful Biological Apps (CUBA).

The Software Suite of the Edinburgh Genome Foundry (GitHub repository).